Burnt CCA

A large portion of the timber power poles used in the power distribution industry are treated with Copper, Chromium and Arsenic, also known as CCA. CCA treatment is effective in extending the life of timber power poles by adding:

  • Copper to control fungal decay
  • Arsenic to control termites & Borers
  • Chromium to fix the copper and arsenic in the wood

These chemicals are impregnated into the timber where a reaction occurs which fuses the chemicals into the timber cell’s structure.

When the pole is burnt, ash formed through combustion of CCA treated timber contains extremely high chemical concentrations, up to 10%.

The Trivalent Chromium in CCA treated timber readily converts to the highly toxic hexavalent Chromium during combustions and arsenic compounds converts to arsenic trioxide and arsenic pentoxide. This is a risk to members of the public, environment and direct energy workforce.

System testing of poles

Gridline Services Pole Restoration System allows for safe removal of Burnt CCA with the following key advantages:

  • No need to replace pole
  • No contamination of surrounding environment
  • No risk to personal or public
  • Reduces liability to network
  • No isolations of network required
  • Capital Savings
  • All areas access

Our Work Before and After

Power pole before
Power pole after
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